Bollywood Celebrities who were shunned by their family!!

Bollywood is a place where one is known until the time they have the support of fans. They are fans only who make these celebrities show much of tantrums at the place where they are. Their glory and shine fade but its just their gesture that keeps them still alive in theirĀ hearts. There are many stars that had been forgotten by not just the audience but also their families at their old age when they needed their support the most. Here are few of them:

1. Geeta Kapoor:

Geeta Kapoor worked as a junior artist in movie Pakeezah. Recently she got admitted in Goregaon’s SRV Hospital when her Blood pressure started falling.Her son Raju, who admitted her there, abandoned her on the pretext of finding an ATM. She ahs also accused Raju of physical abuse and not feeding her.

Geeta, family

2. Achala Sachdev:

She is one of those actresses who has spent her life doing movies. She has done over 130 movies. Even after so much of stardom, she was left all alone in her last days. Neither her US-based son nor her Mumbai-based daughter came to see her when she was counting her last breath.

Achala family

3. Vimi:

Vimi was also a junior artist in movies like Humraaz. After getting separated from her husband, her Bollywood offers also declined. After her liver infection, she was admitted to Nanavati Hospital. When she was on her death-bed despite two children, she died lonely.

Vimi family

4. Ruby Myres:

She had the stage named Sulochana was a very renowned actress of her time.Ruby was the recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke award and earned more than the governor of Bombay.She had no family and so died alone in her apartment in 1983.

Ruby family

5. Nalini Jayawant:

She was the aunt of Nutan and Tanuja. She was one of the most prominent actresses. She lived her last days in pain and alone. Her dead body was found three days after her death, and no one from her family claimed it.

nalini family

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