Bollywood actors who look younger than their age!!

Bollywood Industry is all about Appearance with acting. The actors have to look exceptional, and in shape every time they are spotted and not just on the big Screen, to maintain their status. Some actors have lost their worth in the industry, or we can say faded away but some have their stars still shining brighter in the Bollywood by constantly being in the Spotlight. Here are some actors who look much younger than their ages and if they continue to look the same, they will be shining one or two decades more:

1. Anil Kapoor:

When one is talking about looking younger day-by-day, this person deserves to be on top. There has always been this question with him, how does he look so young? Everybody seems interested to know the answer. Despite being 60 years of age, he competes with young aged actors.

Anil Kapoor looks young age

2. Akshay Kumar:

The fittest hero in Bollywood till now is Akshay Kumar. The “Khiladi” of Bollywood with his charm has mesmerized many hearts and is turning 50 this year but his looks are deceptive.

Akshay  age

3. Aamir Khan:

Age is just a number for the perfectionist of Bollywood. He looked old in his previous hit ‘Dangal’ and we cannot ignore his teenage look in 3 idiots and PK. He has no restrictions, he can play a fat person and with a wrestler body in the same movie. He is the ruler, and nothing can take away his charm.

Aamir Khan age

4. Sushmita Sen:

Her trending dance video with her daughters Alishah and Renee, on the song”shape of you” displays her charm and flexibility even at the age of 41. This Diva gets to look younger and fitter with every passing day and everyone is spellbound to see her. She seems to look as young as she was when she won the “Miss Universe” title.

Sushmita Sen age

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