BIG OFFER: Reliance Jio To Launch A 4G Smartphone at Rs 500


Looking at the loosened grip in the market, Reliance Jio has decided to make the next blast by launching a 4G VoLTE phone at just 500 rupees.
As per the media reports viral around the internet for quite some time now, Mukesh Ambani had already shaken the market for a similar cause around 13-14 years ago. At that time, the company had given the phone to run the Internet for just Rs 500 in the monsoon offer.

However, this news is not yet been officially verified but it is being said that this plan might be announced during the Salana General Meeting of Reliance Industries. The meeting is scheduled to take place on July 21. This news is also in the air that during this meeting, Mukesh Ambani can announce Jio’s next tariff plans as ‘Jio Dhana Dhan’ offer is nearing its tenure end.

The company might plan to target those users who still use cheap phones on a 2G network via this scheme. The price of these phones is being said slightly above thousand rupees. But to connect customers to the network of Jio, the company has decided to provide subsidy on all these phones which make the price just 500 rupees.


This might increase the number of active users of the company.It is notable that for the past three months, the number of users connecting to Jio on a monthly basis is continuously decreasing. According to a report, As of April 2017, there are about 11.25 million subscribers with Jio.

If the experts are to be believed, then living is planning to create a stir in this mobile phone plan industry. Jio is India’s only telecom company, which gives 4G VoLTE network. At the same time, Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea are still testing this network.

It is also being reported that Jio has already ordered to make millions of devices. This contract has been given to a Chinese company. Its shipment is going to start from the last week of July. If the scheme runs according to the plan, then the new plan will be launched on August 15.

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