Beer can be advantageous to you. Know how

Alcohol affects but Beer benefits

Alcohol consumption causes ill effects on our body irrespective of the type. But surprisingly drinking Beer will not harm you. Alcohol is a kind of drug and drugs are supposed to be harmful but Beer is one exception in it. Beer acts as a medicine if consumed appropriately only.

Facts about Beer

Benefits of Beer- Improves Digestions and Reduces Heart Stroke
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  • This is always misled that Beer being an alcoholic drink cannot be advantageous which is a myth. Beer can be fruitful if when consumed in an appropriate amount and not regularly. Generally, it is advised to drink that twice a week and not more than that.
  • How it is helpful has a simple explanation and contains Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium and other substances that nourish the blood and strengthens the blood vessels. Also, the count of the red blood cells or RBCs is always maintained.
  • It is made up of wheat, rice, barley and few other materials that are natural fiber which is fermented and then taken in use.
  • It is seen in a study that drinking it can reduce the chances of the heart stroke to about 40% then a no drinker.
  • Drinking this improves the digestion cycle and thus can be a boost for your health.
  • It reduces the chances of kidney stones as Brew is an excellent filter of acidic and other impurities that drains out from your body through urine.
  • Brew contains the ample amount of Calcium in it which strengthens the bones of your body.
  • Consumption of Brew greatly reduces the mental stress. It has been studied that drinking Brew reduces the mental stress by 70%.
  • All those who are sick of being slim and really wants to put on some weight. Brew can be the solution to your problem. Eating after drinking Brew can help gaining weight as it nurtures your body with everything you require to grow.

“Avoid all. Drink Beer. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.”

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