Beauty Blunders made by Celebrities that one must avoid

Bollywood Celebrities have to put on make up almost the whole time, whether on-screen or off-screen. They have to face camera all the time. But not always they look good. There are a few makeup blunders made by Bollywood Actresses which should be avoided by people who follow them. Here is a list of those Beauty Blunders by famous Bollywood Actresses:

1. Sonam Kapoor:

Looks like her under-eye concealer is doing a reverse action on her look. Also, she applied the Tan cream so much that her face is showing it off making her look worst.

Sonam, Beauty

Source: MTV

2. Aishwarya Rai:

She already is naturally very beautiful without the need of make-up, still, in order to keep up with the style, she has to put on makeup. But not every time the make-up makes her look better. Some of her looks in the past have made everyone wonder that she is better off without make-up. Looks like her Blush was over-applied that gave her cheeks way too much attention.

Aishwarya, Beauty

Source: MTV

3. Bipasha Basu:

Her wish to look fair is easily depicted in her make-up. Her too much of foundation is giving her face a cakey look which is not admired by people.

Bipasha, Beauty

Source: MTV

4. Rakhi Sawant:

The Controversy queen of Bollywood is mainly famous for her plastic surgeries. Even after going through so much of pain she is not able to look her best. Her failed make-ups have made her look more ugly.

Rakhi, Beauty

Source: Frendz4m

5. Sridevi:

Yes, she is the Bollywood Diva who stole everyone’s heart in many movies. Although after her make-up, she is looking like she is a part of Cullens in the movie “Twilight”, where everyone was white. Her attempt to look fair was a complete disaster as one can notice the difference between her face and her rest of the body color.

Sridevi, Beauty

Source: MTV

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