5 Astonishing Indian railing Journeys You should Experience

5 Astonishing Indian railing Journeys You should Experience

When it comes to exploring, not anything compares to “5 Astonishing Indian railing Journeys”. Train journey makes us nostalgic. It’s nostalgia humorous books on the railway station, and receiving our much-loved skylight place thrilled us as a kid.

Indian Railways has 63,028 km of tracks organized from end to end of the country and operates 14,300 trains on an on a daily basis.

1. The Western Ghat Saunter (Karjat – Lonavala)

great rail journeys in India from Karjat to Lonavala
Western Ghat Saunter Journey From Karjat to Lonavala.

The Western Ghats are affluent in biodiversity, and throughout the monsoons, this expedition gets even more thrilling. The greenery looks re-energized with abundant streams and cascade waterfalls. The train passes all the way through the settlements of Thakurwadi ahead of hiking up Monkey Hill, then cross Khandala and reaching Lonavala.

2. The Snow Sojourn (Qazigund – Baramulla)

It is a revitalizing journey all the way through the Kashmir Valley, weaving in the course of the blizzard capped peaks at a distance and the Chinar trees all around. The most excellent moment of captivating this expedition is during the winters as the environment is covered with snow.

hill station trains India as The beautiful Journey through Kashmir Valley
The Snow Sojourn journey from Qazigund to Baramulla


3.The Desert Queen (Jodhpur – Jaisalmer)

If you thinking a desert course beginning Jodhpur to Jaisalmer would be boring, you couldn’t be mistaken. The view of tinted mud huts and abundant camel grazing is just so typically Rajasthani and delightful. Witnessing a crack of dawn or twilight from the train is wholesome ecstasy to the right mind.

 amazing and beautiful train routes wonderful pictures of The Desert Queen journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer
The Desert Queen journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

4. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Siliguri – Darjeeling)

The voyage takes you as put up the shutters as possible to the tea pickers with baskets strapped on top of their heads and the odor of tea leaves to facilitate wafts within the air. A fascinating mania to note down regarding this train is that it runs resting on the meter gauge and is furthermore a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999.

The awesome journey of Darjeeling is the beautiful railway tracks in India
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Journey from Siliguri till Darjeeling

 5. The Himalayan Queen (Kalka – Shimla)

It passes in the course of 102 tunnels plus 864 bridges, flanked via the picturesque Shivalik Mountains lying on both sides. The fresh air and the whizzing views of oak, pine and maple trees are just several things that put together this drive unforgettable.

Astonishing Indian Railing - The awesome Journey from Kalka to Shimla
The Himalayan Queen exhibiting from Kalka to Shimla

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