Asaram News: Verdict On The Rape Case And His Other Crimes Is Out

Law in India is no behind than other places in World and it is proved today by the Jodhpur High Court. Asumal Sirumalani AKA Asaram has been punished with life imprisonment in the case for which he was already in jail for past 4.5 years. It is not about the caste which needs to justify this punishment for the rape of any child.

Asaram verdict

Cases Against Asaram

He was convicted to Jodhpur prison on November 6, 2013, in the case filed against him for rape. The case is now considered as gang rape with the involvement of two others people involved with him named Sharad and Shilpi. He is given life imprisonment with a penalty of Rs 1,00,000. He is also involved in the case of Human Trafficking, gang rape and holding the illegal properties. India is lagging behind in terms of showing trust in the names of these fake “Sadhus”, but they do not play an important role in the lives of justice authority.

The other two people involved with him have been given imprisonment of 20 years and are not given any polite decision. The case against him was filed by the police on November 6, 2013, under various section of POSCO(Prevention Of Children from Sexual Offenses) Act, the Juvenile Justice Act, and the Indian Penal Code. As soon as the verdict was given Asaram cried but was not heard by the judge.

Indian Express

Under the F.I.R lodged by the teenager, she mentioned that she was called by Asaram after the request from her parents. They live in Manai area near Jodhpur where she was raped by him on August 15, 2013.

His Life

From his life of Guru in 1964 to create an empire of Rs 10,000 crore his journey was very faithful for all the followers but his downfall started from the sin he did in 2013.

Like father like son, it is not wrong to say in the case of Asaram. Asaram has two children with wife Laxmi Devi, a son named Narayan Sai and daughter Bharati Devi. His son Narayan Sai is also behind bars for a similar case of rape at other places. He is known to rape multiple girls in a day.

Asaram was first put into trouble in the year 2008. His cousin brother Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela who lived in the gurukul of Asaram were found dead on the riverbed. But he was not punished at that time. But bads do not stay much. Now he is paying back with his imprisonment for all the sins he did.  He did not stop there he helped his son with another sin, grabbed lands of many people for building ashrams and assaulted witnesses against him.

The law today proved their liveliness by giving this verdict for a person who is no more than animal.

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