Lesser Known Side Of Arijit Singh – Love – Marriage – Divorce – Wife

In India, any film album seems to be incomplete if it doesn’t have a song sung by the Arijit Singh.

With his alluring voice, beautiful smile and wavy locks Arijit Singh resides in the millions of hearts and successfully became an Indian youth icon.

Arijit Singh is very subtle in keeping his personal life away from the media and the world. Besides being one of the greatest singers in the industry today, Arijit Singh does have one of the best love stories that you might ever hear. Arijit Singh has not only been divorced but was also remarried and the world knows very little about Arijit Singh wife. I might be getting ahead of myself so let’s just start from the beginning. We have compiled all the interesting facts about Arijit Singh and will answer all the questions that might be arising in your mind.

Arijit Singh’s Big Break

Arijit Singh big break

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”

Born on 25 April 1987, in Jiaganj, Murshidabad, West Bengal to Bengali mother and a Punjabi father Arijit belonged to a musical background as his aunt, mother, and even uncle were musicians and a tabla player. Arijit started his classical music career from home and learned a lot from his uncle and aunt. His father was very concerned in making his son a national level musician, something that other family members could not become, so he consulted Rajendra Prasad Hazari to be Arijit’s guru.

Arijit childhood

Arijit auditioned for Fame Gurukul, a music reality show highlighting young talents in India. Unfortunately, he did not win but successfully made it to the finals. He sang his first Bollywood song “Phir Mohabbat” in 2011 for Mithoon’s movie “Murder 2”. He also sang a few other songs but could not come into anybody’s notice.

Arijit Singh Mtv unplugged

The real deal happened in the year 2013 when Aashiqui 2 album came out. This was it. This was what Arijit had been expecting his whole life. He sang 6 songs in the movie and they all turned out to be superhit blockbusters especially the song “Tum Hi Ho” stuck in people’s head forever. Tum Hi Ho rose to the top of music charts and refused to budge for months even long after the film released and got off screens. And this was the moment Arijit Singh became an overnight sensation.

Arijit Singh guitar

Song offers came to Arijit before he could even blink. Irrespective of romantic, drama or comedy, every movie had at least one Arijit Singh songs.

Arijit Singh’s Divorce & Love Story:

Arijit grew up in the town called Jiaganj in West Bengal. During his teenage days, he fell in love with a girl of his hometown, Koel Roy. Arijit was pretty serious about Koel and he even confessed his love for her on national television. But then came the struggling days and Arijit being in Mumbai lost track of her beloved with whom he dreamt of tying the knot once.

Rare pic of arijit and ruprekha

Arijit met a fellow contestant ‘Ruprekha Banerjee’ in Fame Gurukul Audition and started to fall for her. Arijit and Ruprekha both went to become the finalist of the show and it also ignited sparks in both their hearts. After the completion of the show, they both decided to take their relationship to the next level and Ruprekha insisted to be Arijit Singh wife. Arijit and Ruprekha both decided on having a court marriage in Kolkata.

But the marriage did not last long and they both decided to split up the same year of marriage ie. 2013.

Arijit Singh on his divorce “She and I wanted different things from life.”

Arijit Singh’s Second Wife

Arijit had a minor setback but he was supported by the same girl from his hometown love in teenage days, Koel Roy. By then Koel also suffered the same fate as Arijit, she was also a divorcee with a little baby girl by her arms. Arijit was in such a difficult phase in his life that he began to get attracted towards her again once more. They both decided to bury the hatchet by taking the most sensible decision of their life, Marriage. It was the right thing to do at the moment for the welfare of the little kid.

Arijit realized that he has nothing to lose and all he needs to do is right his wrongs and provide the child and Koel with a beautiful future they deserve. On a chilly evening in Kolkata Arijit finally proposed to Koel Roy in the most romantic way by singing “Tum Hi Ho” – which translates to You are the one. She agreed to spend the rest of her life with Arijit and be called Arijit Singh wife.

Arijit Singh’s Second Marriage

Arijit Singh’s second marriage has been a proper marriage as it followed according to the Indian tradition and culture. Unlike the previous one, this time both the families were present at the ceremony. The ceremony took place at the Kali temple in Kolkata with the blessings of all the loved ones. Koel’s beautiful daughter added a new spark to the ceremony.

arijit singh marriage

The reason behind getting married at the Kali temple in Kolkata can be traced back to their teenage years as both of them had a ‘mannat’ (a sort of a religious promise) which is why the wedding was held there. The happy couple is living comfortably married life since and they can be seen at various places together as a family.

Arijit Singh wife

By this time Arijit has already become a music sensation all over the world. Recently, Arijit Singh and Koel Roy also had a child of their own and they are a happy family of four.


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