Apurva Asrani slams Kangana Ranaut over credits of scripts

Hansal Mehta’s highly anticipated film ‘Simran’ lead by Kangana Ranaut¬†is all set to rock the theaters on 15 September 2017. But before its promotion, the film has already gained a lot of controversies in the media. Is this an expedience of the crew to get some light in the media, or something really serious had happened!

We all know about Kangana Ranaut‘s disputes with actors and co-actors in her past career. In the past year, she was in the news over conflicts with Hrithik Roshan. Meanwhile, her conflict with the writer of ‘Simran’ is gaining media attention. The writer of ‘Simran,’ Apurva Asrani had slammed Kangana for lying that she wrote the script of this film.

Kangana Ranaut

Recently, when the poster of Simran was released,¬†then many of the viewers were astonished to see Kangana’s name for Additional Story and Dialogue. Apurva Asrani received credits for writing the story, screenplay, and the dialogue in the poster. Agitated Apurva broke his silence immediately on Facebook and criticising Kangana over this issue.


In his Facebook post, Apurva told that Kangana is slaying my credits over this film. He told that Kangana is describing in her interviews regarding one-line script given by me which is totally fallacious. Because of the unpalatable act was done by Kangana, so many fans of Kangana are now turning towards me.

T-Series officially released the teaser of Simran 4 days ago on YouTube. Within four days, the teaser has crossed 4 million views. If you haven’t watched it, you can view it below.

Meanwhile, the producer of the film Shailesh Singh called it a printing error on the current poster of the film. He assured for an eradicated poster of Simran in next release. He added that Apurva should have talked to me personally before raising this issue on social media.

Lastly, he told that Apurva could be doing this for publicity. Shailesh assured regarding the publishing of script online after the release of the film.

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