Single Moms: 5 Advantages Of Being A Single Parent

Being a single parent is not an easy task at all. Especially you’re a mother. In today’s world of equal rights and feminism, the male dominance over the society is still clearly visible. We come across many cases in newspapers and movies where a lady was a single mother and truly rocked it!

single mother,child
Single Mother

The lives of their children are often seen as a matter of pity and sympathy by the world. These children have to face the common comments and questions like how does your mother manage between work and home? Don’t you miss your dad? Similar questions are shot at women. Don’t you think that a man is necessary to run the house? Haven’t you considered remarrying lately? Don’t you think the child will need the care of father too?

All this just because a female is considered to be insufficient without a man even today. Amidst such chaos and havoc, some of the single mothers encouragingly came forward to state the true advantages of being a single parent. So many people still consider this as a big inadequacy and even a taboo. Nevertheless, these strong women choose the way of their living without caring about what the society has to say.

Advantages To Be A Single Parent Successfully

  1. You take care of a ‘single’ ¬†yourselves.

    Single women tend to develop a sense of vital responsibility since they are the only one their children have got. So you learn to love yourselves and keep yourself healthy and fit too. You gain confidence in everything you do- dressing up, doing makeup, losing weight. Anything is achievable, while your prior goal being that your child should be proud of you.

    single mother
    Single Mother-Take Care
  2. You get your time and space.

    Once the kids are off to sleep, you have all the time in the world for yourselves lady! For most married women, this time is dedicated to their husbands. And let’s admit it, not everyday are we enthusiastic about a conversation or sex after a long day. Also, single women have the whole house to themselves, including their prized possession- bed. Sleep on whole of the bed eagle spread, no one to taunt you and move you aside.

    single women have the whole house to themselves
    Single Mother-Time & Space
  3. You catch up with your friends.

    Now that you have your weekend dates free, you can really devote this time to visiting old and close friends you long to meet. For many couples, it is very hard to manage the balance between their marriage and friends. This causes the drifting apart of good friends and may lead to tension between the couple. Single women rarely need to worry about offending someone when they fix appointments.

    busy single mother
    Single Mother-Friends
  4. You don’t need to negotiate.

    Negotiation is the root cause of the breaking of so many marriages. Naturally, if views of two people don’t match and they try to adjust far beyond they can actually stretch, the ties start to break. Being single means you don’t have to adjust according to someone else’s wishes and comforts. Don’t shave if you don’t wish to. Wear whatever you like. Basically, just lie in your comfort zone and relish the pleasures of your life.

    single mother don't need to negotiate
    Single Mother-No Negotiation
  5. You are more motivated and successful.

    Since you’re the only earning member of the family, you push yourselves to work harder and make things easy for you and your children. Hence, you tend to become more and more motivated day by day. You’re not dependent on anyone to achieve what you desire. The fact that you are well aware of this really makes you work harder and hence, be more successful. You can’t really afford a slack in efforts.

    Single mother are more motivated and successful
    Single Mother-Successful

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    -Aayushi Tiwari.

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