Add Magic To Your Pre-wedding Shoot With These 5 Beautiful Destinations That India Has To Offer

The wedding season has begun and you have a lot to do. Shopping, Rituals, Ceremonies and many other things. But that happens at every wedding, doesn’t it? Want something special? How about a pre-wedding shoot? You like the idea, but don’t have any special destination in mind. Check out our list of BEST PRE-WEDDING SHOOT LOCATIONS, which are bound to make your wedding extra special. Get on board people. We are talking you on a trip to the most beautiful destinations, available for your pre-wedding shoot. Hop on!

  • Give a Royal Touch to your pre-wedding shoot with- RAJASTHAN

    Pre wedding shoot at Rajasthan
    Pre-wedding Shoot at Rajasthan

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First, we have the home of kings and queens-Rajasthan. Rajasthan is well known for its mesmerizing locations, countless forts, and palaces. Rajasthan has many locations to offer. Some of which are- The Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, Taj Umaid Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur, Taj Rambagh Palace in Jaipur. There are many such beautiful locations in Rajasthan. They would not only add romance to your photo-shoot but will also give a touch of tradition. Unravel the hidden “KIND and QUEEN” in you, here at Rajasthan.

But, it doesn’t suit your taste? Want something a little bit simple? Then check out the next destination on our list.

  • Have a “NATURAL” pre-wedding shoot at- KERALA

    Pre-wedding Shoot at Kerela
    Natural Kerela

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Let’s talk about something simple yet beautiful. Kerala is popular for its natural beauty. Beaches, boats, trees and awesome weather. This makes Kerala an ideal destination for a simple yet magical pre-wedding shoot. Most popularly chosen locations are lake resorts. You don’t need to do much here. Everything is already provided to you, “NATURE’S ORIGINAL BACKDROP”. Appealing? No? Then, check out the next destination.

  • Sun, sand, and beach at- GOA

    Pre-wedding Shoot at Goa
    Beaches fun for pre-wedding shoot

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Another magic of nature is beaches. Beaches have always been romantic. It has been the dream destination for many couples. So why not turn that dream into a reality? Come to Goa. There are many hotels, spas, and resorts that will certainly give your pre-wedding shoot an extra edge. The locations are just dead gorgeous. “LIVE AND CAPTURE” the romance at Goa.

Do you want more? Something that most people don’t do? Try out the next location. This will certainly portray your pre-wedding shoot as a miracle of nature.

  • Natural Beauty at- LEH LADAKH

    Pre-wedding Shoot at Leh Ladakh
    Pre-wedding Shoot at Leh Ladakh

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Led Ladakh may not be a very popular destination but yet that some beautiful locations to offer. Give your pre-wedding shoot a Bollywood tinge by including the snowy backdrops of Leh Ladakh. The pearly white background will certainly enhance your photographs.

But, you want to have an outside India experience, while still being in India?

  • Something “OLD” for your wedding- PONDICHERRY

    Pre-wedding Shoot at Pondicherry
    French colonies in Pondicherry

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Following this we have Pondicherry. You have been to the north, now let’s explore the south. Known as Goa of Tamil Nadu- PONDICHERRY is a perfect getaway for a couple. And what makes this destination so appropriate? The answer is here- The amazing FRENCH COLONIES in Pondicherry are perfect for pre-wedding shoots. Its beautiful architecture is something that can be certainly explored for a photo shoot, especially your pre-wedding shoot. Discover the “MINI FRANCE” in Pondicherry.

These are just a few locations that India has to offer. There are much more. But remember, the most important thing that would make your photo shoot really special, is the love that you share with your partner.

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