Actresses who were the reason for Marriage Splits!!

“All that Glitter is not gold” suits so well in the Bollywood industry. The glamor and luxurious lifestyle of the Bollywood diva seem so fascinating, and people often get trapped in their snare. But this has a darker side too, which is the cause of so many divorces. Here are the actresses who were responsible for Marriage splits:

1. Hema Malini:

The most controversial Divorce even today is the Split between Prakash and Dharmendra which was a consequence of Dharmendra and Hema’s brewing love after 28 on-screen hits as a couple. When Prakash refused to divorce Dharam, he changed religion to marry Hema Malini.

Hema Dharmendra

2. Kiran Rao:

Aamir is considered as the perfectionist actor in Bollywood, but in his personal life, he is a bit sophisticated. Aamir was much of in love with his neighbor turned wife Reena Dutta, but their love was short lived till Kiran Rao entered Aamir’s life.

Aamir Kiran

3. Sridevi:

This Bollywood Diva has always been in the news for her personal as well as professional life. Bonnie Kapoor was previously married to Mona, and the couple had two kids. But when Sridevi got pregnant with Bonnie’s first child, he married her after the death of his previous wife.


4. Shabana Aazmi:

When this beautiful actress decided to marry the already married Javed Akhtar with two kids with his first wife, everyone was spellbound. She agreed to stay together with his first wife and kids, but Javed moved out with Shabana.

Javed Shabana

5. Rani Mukherjee:

Rani and Aditya’s duo has provided so many hits, and Rani is considered Yash’s lady luck. Rani’s closeness was the only cause that separated Aditya Chopra with his wife after seven years of marriage.

Aditya Rani divorce

6. Shilpa Shetty:

The much-in-love couple of B-town and most popular for their romance Raj and Shilpa Kundra also have a story. It is speculated that Shilpa Shetty is the reason for Raj’s divorce with his ex-wife.

Shilpa Raj

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