A New Update Of WhatsApp For iPhone Users Is Released!

There is a good news for all iPhone users. WhatsApp always takes care of their users. They decided to launch a new update with a couple of features especially for iPhone users

What is the new update


As we all know that WhatsApp regularly updates their app with some new features. But they are now launching their app with updates for iPhone users. They are bringing the app with voice messaging as such as you will be able to continue to play your voice during shifting to another app. You can also do this while you turn off the screen. The things are not going to end here you will be able to see the recent status update within the today view.

How you will get the update


You can avail the benefits of new update by downloading the updated version ( V 2.18.40) which would be available in app store. This update is only for the iPhones iOS 7.0 and later. The other changes have been made regarding the WhatsApp number feature. This feature is for Android beta 2.18.97 version. This feature will allow you to switch from old number to new number. So you will be able to create new account number. Not only this you can also notify your contacts about the shift you have made.

How to use the new features

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For using this feature you have to go to the setting of WhatsApp and then select account where you will be able to change your number. WhatsApp will ask you where you want to notify your number. Here you can select any one of the option namely contacts I have chat with, custom or all contacts. Select these options as your preference.

You don’t need to worry about your old chats that you have made. The old chats will be migrated to the new chats after changing the number.

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