7 unknown facts about Sunny Leone we bet you don’t know

Sunny Leone is now a familiar name on every tongue of Indians. Sunny Leone‘s real name is Karejit Kaur Vohra which very few people knows. Sometimes, she also used her stage name as Karen Malhotra. This 36-year-old actress and model is a former pornstar. Here, we are revealing some of the undisclosed facts about Sunny Leone.

1. First job at German Bakery

sunny leone

As we all know, Sunny worked in the Porn Industry. But before this profession, she also worked in a German bakery at Jiffy Lube. Later on, she also worked in a Tax and retirement firm. While working in these two jobs, she also studied nursing courses apparently.

2. Debut with Kalyug

sunny leone kalyug

Sunny was expected to get a breakthrough into Bollywood with Mohit Suri’s Kalyug that was released in the year 2005. But because of her financial issues, she was dropped from the film. And subsequently, Smilie Suri and Deepal Shaw were further approached for the cast.

3. Boldly approach to parents

sunny leone parents

After winning Penthouse cover of the year including a huge amount of 100,000 dollars in the year 2003, she approached herself to parents for becoming a porn star.

4. Adult film counts


sunny leone

At the age of 18, she joined the Adult industry. In this profession, she directed over 42 adult films. While she starred in 41 adult films.

5. Debut from Tamil Film Industry

sunny leone


Most of the Sunny fans might think that she debuted into Indian film industry through Bollywood. But she made her debut in May 2014 through a Tamil film ‘Vadacurry’. She got a cameo appearance in this film.

6. Engagement with Matt Erikson

sunny leone

Before marrying Daniel Weber, Sunny was engaged to Matt Erikson. Matt Erikson is the Vice President of marketing at Playboy. Later on, this engagement broke up very soon in 2008.

7. Dating with Russell

sunny leone

Sunny Leone was also in the news for dating the world famous stand-up comedian Russell Peters in 2008. As the time passed, she announced in the year 2011 that Daniel Weber will be her life partner. By marrying her former co-star and co-producer in the adult film industry, she smashed all the rumors and speculations.

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