6 Most Haunted Places in Lucknow you should never visit Alone !

Lucknow, famous for its royal culture and marvelous architectural buildings is also well-known for its haunted places in India. Apart from its royalty and mouthwatering food, there are some of the past monuments that mark the presence of ghosts even today. If the readers of this article have enough guts to visit those places, then they will be most welcomed by the spooks of that location. Apart from humor, here we will be listing some of the top rated haunted places in Lucknow that persist eerie environment and attract people who love horror.

The Sikandra Bagh

Sikandra Bagh (or Secundra Bagh), contains a villa and a garden that is located about six km north-east of Lucknow Railway Station (Charbagh). Considered as the most haunted place in Lucknow, this historical destination had witnessed the savagery of brutal Britishers done on Indian freedom fighters.

This infamous place has seen most deaths during British clashes. According to historians, about 72 Britishers lost their lives here, and 2300 Indian freedom fighters took their last breath at this complex in the disputes. After the climax, Britishers who lost their souls were buried in Sikandra Bagh. While the dead bodies of 2300 Indian freedom fighters could not receive a proper burial ceremony. Britishers didn’t allow even their family members for an appropriate cremation. In result, they were exposed to rot, eaten up by vultures and finally disappeared. Since then, the spirits of martyrs are roaming in this place making it the most haunted one. The locals of this place frequently witness the creepy noises during night time which is quite frightening.

OEL House

OEL House
OEL House, located approx. 2 km from Sikandra Bagh beside Gomati River is another haunted place in Lucknow. Formally, it was residence of Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last Nawab of Awadh. Afterward, it was overtaken as the residence of Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University. But the family of VC was unaware of the fact regarding the well that was part of OEL House. During the revolt of 1857, many Britishers were killed and thrown into that well. Overlooking these facts, VC’s son was playing with the small stones and unfortunately started throwing it into that well. This act of the son awakened the spirits of Britishers and killed him. However, after this mishappening VC seal that well in a holy manner.

Lucknow Railway Quarters

lucknow railway station
There was a time when British engineers used to live and work in Lucknow Railway Quarters. There was a British engineer named Bill Turner. His marriage was quite late and luckily was married to a beautiful young girl. Later on, that girl developed a crush on another young British officer who was of her age. On Christmas Eve, Turner caught both of them red-handed and shot both of them. Then after, he committed suicide at the same railway quarters. Since then, people experience spirits at that place. Some of them have witnessed a tall white man walking around while few had heard screaming voices too.

Balrampur Hospital

Located near The Residency, this hospital is built over an old British Graveyard. There are few graves which people can easily notice in the hospital premises. Patients, the Hospital staff, have heard disembodied sounds, knocking on the door, footsteps in the hospital. Some of the patients also claim to witness apparitions on the window.

Nirala Nagar

Lucknow_Nirala Nagar
Nirala Nagar is a small colony located in the heart of the city. After witnessing some ghastly occurrences, the people of the colony had named it ‘Haunted colony of the city.’ The government had built this colony on a land which was once a graveyard which had two cremations, six mazaars, a peepal tree and a Shiva Temple where the ashes of burnt dead bodies were thrown.

Begum Kothi

Located on the campus of The Residency, this place is believed to be haunted, and people had witnessed supernatural occurrences here. There is no such interesting story behind Begum Kothi, but according to sources, this land has seen 600-700 deaths of freedom fighters.

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