5 WhatsApp Tricks We All Should Know

Whatsapp tricks

Now, if you use WhatsApp frequently, you may have thought that we can’t create a conversation shortcut? Yes, we can. It can be made secure by that pinning method shown below but it has a limitation to 3 chats, and if you create shortcuts for more than three people, you have to open WhatsApp and start conversing. The only best feature WhatsApp has is that it allows you to create shortcuts on your home screen.

To make the conversation shortcut, you need to:

  • Hold the chat.
  • On the top corner, select three dots menu.
  • Then Add chat shortcut.
  • It will get created on your Home screen.

It is the only and the most speedy way you can create a WhatsApp conversation shortcut on a home screen. We all face a period when we want to talk to only a particular group or some specific people.

2. Get Old Status Back.

We all miss the WhatsApp status list which got alternated to stories. We do feel that there are too many stories, be it Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, don’t we? Some yet believe that WhatsApp shouldn’t have replaced it with stories. Now, when that tab has gone, you can continue to change your status by referring to the below tips:

  • Tap on the three dots icon present on top right corner in WhatsApp.
  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on your profile picture.
  • You will see ‘About’ and ‘Phone number’ Tap there.
  • Here’s how you can change it. It is back like it was remembered that “Busy,” etc.

3. Formatting Text In WhatsApp.

Whatsapp tricks

You must have come across Bold, Italic type of texts and done easily. The formatting is not just for enhancement, but it also gives impact to the words you want to focus.

Here are the few uses of formatting text on WhatsApp, if you want to deliver some important message that focuses attention on WhatsApp group, here are a few simple tricks to stand out:

  • For bold use (*), It goes like this, *this is the bold text*.
  • For italic (_), It goes like this, _this is the italics text_
  • Strikethrough can be done by  (~), It goes like this, ~This is strikethrough text~
  • Believe me; it makes an impact to your texts. Do try it yourself if you haven’t.

4. Change Group Notification.

Image result for change group notification

And if you are in many groups, you may be facing this trouble. Many groups got higher priorities, and you do not want to miss the notifications and their messages and likewise. The problem can be solved quickly by using custom group information. You can set up different notifications for the talented group so that you won’t be disturbed all day long and respond accordingly. To do that:

  • Select the group.
  • Select group header. You will find their option of Customs Notification.
  • Select the notification you want to send.

That’s it; now you will have the custom information for that particular group.

5. Pin The Chats.

You can do this with the new release. Many a time, it happens that you are chatting with some people more often than others and you believe that they should be on top of the list. Now, it can be easily solved though it’s up to 3 people only. But it’s worth this than ever. Now, you can pin any top 3 people on top of the list with the help of this guide.

To get that feature:

  • Find the Whatsapp in the play store.
  • Scroll to end and Join the beta program.
  • Open the Whats app and Scroll to the chat you want to pin.
  • Now hold that chat you will see the pin icon in action bar next to delete, mute, archive.
  • That’s it you chat is pinned now and will remain at the top always.

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