5 Secret iPhone Features You Must Know

Apple iPhone secret features– Apple have been always ahead in giving certain quality features and powers to its users in terms of improving the standards in smartphone usage and some utility contexts. Apple iPhone has a lot of features that distinguish it from all the other smartphones around it in the mobile market. Here we have listed some secret iPhone features that you might have missed if you are an iOS user.

These features may be of good use to you in daily life and for utility purposes. So read along and hunt down your favorite feature from the list. If you think that you know everything about an iPhone, just wait a while and watch out for yourself because many people don’t even realise the features they can avail.

5 Secret iPhone Features:-

We have complied a list of hidden secret features, so watch out if you are already acquainted to any of these features.

5 secret iphone features

1. Brightness Of Flashlight

Flashlight is handy tool when it comes to low light conditions and dark places to correct the vision. But it sometimes becomes too tedious because of the intense bright LED luminous. But iPhone users can control the brightness of the LED Flashlight by just holding the flashlight icon and selecting from the available options of low, medium and high light as per their preference and requirement.

2. Calculator Backspace Option

The calculator is one of the most frequently used utility app used for daily calculations and reducing time in critical maths problems. But it becomes slightly tedious in deleting or removing just one single error. but the calculator for iPhone users is a lot user-friendly, just swipe over the digits of the calculator on the top and start by removing the digits you don’t want.

3. Turning keyboard into a trackpad

You are friends with typos and texting errors if you have chubby fingers and that’s very irritating. Moreover correcting it while tapping at the error is one more challenge addition. iPhone’s unique features comes to rescue here, just hold the keyboard and the cursor will appear which will allow you to navigate to the letter you want

4. Turning off red badges

It’s very annoying to have a count of over 1000 notification badges over email accounts, and certain other apps. Users can disable them by simply going to the ‘Settings’ option, then choose ‘Notifications.” Following which, you will be provided with a list of apps, wherein you can choose to turn-off the ‘Red Badge” option.

5. Text based emoji

There is “Kana Keyboard” available to iPhone users in language and input menu. Just go onto Settings -> Keyboard -> Select Japanese Keyboard ->Choose Kana. You now have access to a range of text-based emoticons, which are rally creative and will surely add fun to your texting experience.

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