5 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love With Older Women #Relationship

A ‘May-December’ romance is a relationship in which one partner, i.e., women is in the winter of her life, while the other, i.e., men is in the youthful spring. In simpler terms, it talks about the relationship with a great age inequality among the couple.


We are accustomed to seeing a young woman falling for an older man. But when the reverse equation of a younger man and older woman comes in front of us, we raise our eyebrows in surprise.

But, if we talk about Bollywood statistics, the relationship where the man is not only younger than the woman, is not only successful but is also sustainable. From Abhishek Bachchan to Kunal Khemu, many celebrities have found their love in older women.

So, let us discuss the reasons that make men attracted towards older women.

1. Respectful and responsible

A prominent psychiatrist, Sanjay Chugh feels: “Just as a woman would look for a father figure or fulfill her needs for protection in an older man, a man would look for a mother figure or satisfy his needs for tender care and love in an older woman.”


Thus, an older woman will be nurturing as well as be an epicenter of strength in the times of difficulties. She has more experiences of life, so in tough situations also, she can give right guidance to her partner.

2. Gratifying intimacy

Various studies suggest that women reach their sexual peak quite later in life as compared to men. Also, they still look young and hot at that age. On the other hand, older women find young men energetic and dynamic. This situation results in an extraordinarily fulfilling physical intimacy, which is why most men fall for older women.


3. Women age gracefully

Everyone gets better with age, and so do women. According to Atul Verma, a clinical psychologist: “Younger people usually are drawn to older people because they are more mature and more successful.”

As a woman gains more experience in life, she becomes more contented. Age also inculcates in her a certain degree of financial and emotional stability. Perhaps, this is the most important factor why a man gets attracted to her.


4. Strike a better chord

Communication between the partners is most important aspect of any relationship. An older woman would indulge in intelligent conversations, that can make a young man go head-over-heels.

This could be aptly explained, through the story of the movie Wake Up Sid, why Ranbir Kapoor gets charmed by much older but ambitious Konkana Sen Sharma. An older woman can not only connect well, but she can also be the one who cares most. She will be compromising and understanding towards her partner.


5. Age is just a number

It is always impossible to determine someone’s age, especially of a lady. Those you may think are in their thirties, might be in forty plus. Also, you can never ask someone’s age before falling in love. Hence, those relationships where women are older than their partners, are as justified as the reverse ones in which they are younger than their men.


Life coach, Malti Bhojwani, comments on this newly-found trend by saying: “What I have noticed is that women in their 30s are breaking away from set society norms and are going out with men who are younger than them.”


The Bollywood couples already establish so many examples, we can quickly state that love has nothing to do with the age. What do you think?

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