5 Prominent Indian Celebrities Who Suffered Mental Illness

Celebrities are loved by numerous and worshiped by a few. The dresses they wear, their way of life, the autos they move around in, the majority of this gives us the inspiration to push forward in our own life. Their life in itself becomes a fantasy for some. Notwithstanding, this fantasy is not exactly utopia. Indeed, even their ideal world is not free from Mental Illness.

Here is a rundown of a couple of stars who went through Mental Disorders:

1.Yo Yo Honey Singh

Mental Illness
Source: DNAIndia

Missed his songs and energy for a while? Nectar Singh opened up fourteen days back to share his record of affliction from bipolar disorder. Around then, he was fighting extreme feelings to the extent that he had no control over it. He shared with his fans his method for building courage which helped him confront anything that came to his path or in transit of his loved ones.

2. Deepika Padukone

Mental Illness
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She has commanded her life to progress today in the wake of battling a long stretch of depression. She addressed her fans about her mental health and personally shared her everyday struggles of living with it. Truth told, she took a step ahead to build up a middle for mental health to help the individuals who are confronting the injury she once needed to face herself.

3. Shah Rukh Khan

Mental Illness
Source: Wikipedia

Ruler Khan was one among numerous celebrities in Bollywood fallen prey to depression. In the wake of having torn his muscles while shooting, the Badshah of Bollywood suffered the agony and eventually surrender to depression. Be that as it may, it would never shield him from doing what he loves the best – entertaining his fans. This gave him the strength to adapt to it.

4.Manisha Koirala

Mental Illness
Source :Biographia

This Bollywood beauty suffered serious clinical depression following her terrible marriage with her former spouse and different factors. She opened up to the world about her mental condition and furthermore requested for help and recommendations through online networking. Today post her separation and dangerous disease treatments, she is strolling more grounded than any time in recent memory.

5.Jiah Khan

Mental Illness
Source : DNAIndia

The story of Jiah Khan is known to every one of us. Not able to acknowledge her fizzled vocation in Bollywood and torments in her personal life, she suffered from genuine depression driving her to make the final stride.

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