5 Popular Bollywood Celebs Who Were Initially Rejected Only For Their Looks

Yes, rejections happen. Thus various actors too endured rejection before becoming famous in Bollywood. In an industry which blossoms with looks, no big surprise these celebrities got rejected. Nonetheless, they demonstrated their acting ability, and the rest as is commonly said is history. How about we take a gander at some huge Bollywood celebs who got rejected for their looks

5 Bollywood Celebs Who Initially Rejected For Their Looks!

Amitabh Bachchan

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In his earlier days, he was considered excessively lean and overly tall. He did not have the looks that would make you say, “amazing.” Despite everything, he doesn’t however. In any case, fortunately for him, he played characters like Vijay Deena Nath Chauhan and Shehenshah that were etched into the gatherings of people’s memory always, earning him the tag of the “irate young fellow.”

Shahrukh Khan

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Debuting in a serial, and afterward moving onto film assuming contemptible roles, no one was particularly keen on the since quite a while ago nosed Fauji. By and large, he has played some brilliant characters however we significantly interface him with his superstar status and unmatchable magnetism. The lover boy roles worked out incredible for him, and today he is even called adorable.

Irrfan Khan

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He is an actor who became famous purely in his acting capacity. He is simply not what we define as an ordinary attractive man, aside from his eyes which I think twinkle and have that interminable entertainment. Yes, Bollywood has actors of these sorts as well, who are successful exclusively because of their ability!

Emraan Hashmi


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This is small time who has woman luck on his side, giving him all the luck in her power!
These and numerous other people made their stamp exclusively on the premise of their handwork and ability. More power to such proficient actors!!

Ranveer Singh looks

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A current entry into this rundown would be Ranveer Singh. This A-rundown actor was initially picked simply because of his ‘Roadside Romeo’ looks. All things considered, it is undeniable how the young ladies now swoon over him after his ‘tall-dim handsome’ looks in the movie like Ram-Leela and Bajirao.

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