5 Popular Actresses Who Married Younger Men

Age, they say, is only a number, and some of our Bollywood stars completely swear by the adage! Perhaps that is the reason huge age gaps took a backseat when they decided to get married. All things considered, we are here talking about B’town women who are older to their men, however, score high with regards to style, beauty, and glamor. These couples have just set the right examples vouching that age is no bar for affection, passion, and compatibility.

Nargis – Sunil Dutt

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This is love to remember. Nargis acted Sunil Dutt’s mother in Mother India, and there began a romantic tale started after Dutt protected the actress from a fire which broke out on the sets of the film. Nargis was purportedly a year older to Sunil Dutt, which was a big deal back in the 1950s.

Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan

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She is one of the most beautiful ladies on the planet, and he belongs to Bollywood eminence – a match made in heaven. In spite of the fact that almost few may think so passing by the “men ought to wed ladies younger than them” paradigm. Aishwarya Rai is two years older than Bachchan junior.

Adhuna and Farhan Akhtar

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Does she look a day older to him? Indeed, Adhuna is six years older to Farhan. They still primarily together and in adoration, Adhuna and Farhan Akhtar met much before Dil Chahta Hai happened and after dating for three years, the two got married in 2000.

Farah Khan and Shrish Kundar

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She directs, he alters, or he directs, she choreographs – the Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder Jodi is add up to film. Their passion for cinema got them together. Farah and Shirish didn’t make a deal about their religious or age difference (she is eight years older to him).

Mehr Jesia and Arjun Rampal

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They are one of the hottest pairs in B-town. Both these supermodels turned lovers and after that got married in 1998. Arjun is two years younger than his spouse, Mehr Jesia.

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