5   Bollywood Actresses who played the role of mother and Lover of same co-star.

In Bollywood, the age of the beautiful diva grows faster than her co-star. After the age of 36  she is not considered as the lead role and in some cases, she is given the role of mother to the same costar to whom before she played the role of lover.

Divas who turned from lovers to mothers

1.Sharmila Tagore


Sharmila Tagore was 38 when in the movie Desh Premee, she acted as mother of Amitabh Bachchan and his wife in Farrar in 1975. Again in 2005, they were seen together in movie Viruddh as husband and wife.




In the movie, Shakti in 1982 Rakhi at the age of 35 played the role of Amitabh’s mother who was 40 years old. Their last movie as husband wife was Ek Rishtaa.


3.Waheeda Rahman

lover          lover

After the age of 40, Waheeda Rehman had to do the role of mother of Amitabh who was only 4 years younger than him. Until the age of 40, she played the role of his love. She played the role of his mother in Trishul (1978), Namak Halaal (1982) and Coolie (1983). She also played the role of mother and lover in the movie Mahan in 1983 as Amitabh was in the triple role.


lover                lover

In 1957, Dutt played real life husband wife NargiDutt played the role of mother and son in the film Mother India . Years later in 1964 in Yaadein they played the role of Lovers.



lover           lover


At the age of 13, Sridevi played Rajinikanth’s stepmother in a tamil movie Moondru Mudichu in the year 1976.  Years later in the movie Chaalbaaz in 1989, Sridevi played the role of his lover.


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