5 Actresses: Friends Turned Enemies Of Bollywood

Now when only eight days are remaining for friendship day, we must have seen many people breaking their bond. When it comes to girls, they have cat fights, and in sporadic cases, they become friends again. In Bollywood there are many friends turned into enemies. Every day we hear about enemies and cat fights among actresses.  Some are due to their ex and some due to their ego.

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Enemies of Bollywood

Priyanka Chopra-Kareena Kapoor


Priyanka and Kareena were good friends on the sets of Aitraaz. But when the film released, all the credit was given to the vamp of the movie which Kareena could not handle it. Then they turned into enemies gradually. They even had cat fight when Priyanka won National Award.


Kangana Ranaut- Priyanka Chopra


Many Bollywood stars had a fight with Kangana and Priyanka is one of them. Priyanka and Kangana have always been compared with each other. After the film Fashion, they became enemies. Kangana always criticizes Priyanka now and then.


Preity Zinta – Rani Mukherji


Bubbly girl Preity and brave girl Rani were good friends for long years. Then the competition between them started which eventually lead to war. Their dislike was seen during the shooting of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.


Anushka Sharma – Deepika Padukone


These friends turned to enemies when Deepika and Ranveer came closer. Since then Anushka and Deepika are not seen together. It will be a myth if someone says they are friends.

Aishwarya Rai- Sonam Kapoor


Sonam Kapoor has always known talking wrongly about many people in the industry.  But during an event, Sonam called Aishwarya “Aunty from another generation” which hurt the ego of Aishwarya. From that day they never looked at each other.






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