4 Reasons Why Celebrity Marriages Doesn’t Last Long#BOLLYGUPSHUP

Nowadays it appears as though there are more celebrity marriages which have led to a separation or divorce than ones which have managed to find some semblance of happily ever after. Apart from the fact that celebrity split-ups leave some of us who are emotionally invested in these relationships severely heartbroken, they are too rampant to dismiss as coincidence. Why fight over even before we get the chance to ooh and aah over the stunning wedding photos online?

hritik suzzane
Hrithik Roshan with Suzane Khan

The most recent celebrity breakup, which took me – and a lot of others – by surprise, was of Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan split. Their love story was inspiring, encouraging and from the outside (emphasis on ‘the outside’), their relationship looked deep-rooted and mature. So, just what happened?

Some of the most common reasons why celebrity relationships crash and burn so quickly are:

1. The spotlight

Being famous has to be one of the most difficult lifestyles to have. Ever. The spotlight has to ability to melt everything in its way – especially relationships. It’s hard enough to build and nurture a good relationship; now multiply that by camera operators trailing you around the globe, you and bae’s fight being analyzed in the tabloids, and juggling crazy schedules. It’s tough stuff.


2. Power

Aside from having to deal with their faces splashed on the cover of magazines, celebrity couples are often competing in the same field, which can be very tricky business. The power balance keeps shifting as careers either blossom or decay, potentially causing a lot of damage to a relationship.


3. The distance

To add to being in two different places most of the time, you’re usually surrounded by attractive, sturdy and most importantly, available people, making it extra hard to stay faithful.


4. The mundane things

Unlike regular, non-famous couples, celebrity pairs might not have the advantage (yes, it’s a privilege) of doing the mundane things like cleaning, gardening or watching television together as often. Although these little activities may be considered irrelevant, those moments allow couples to bond.


So the next time you read a celebrity break up story, spare them a little sympathy.

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