4 Bollywood Actors Who Refused Play Parents Role To Popular Stars

Nowadays Bollywood actor has to convince another actor for his role that he is playing on the screen. But sometimes the actors get roles that make them too difficult for us to link them with that role. For example, many Bollywood actresses get a part to play a mother role on-screen with the too much older actor. But in today’s world Bollywood celebrities has become more conscious about what roles they pick and how it impacts their careers and Today we have come with some Bollywood celebrities who refused to play parents role for famous stars, with whom they have an age difference. So, Take a look at celebrities who were offered to play parents Role To Popular Stars!

Swara Bhaskar

The 29 years old Bollywood actress has done several popular Bollywood films in the industry and was recently seen playing a mother role in her earlier movie Nil Battey Sanata. But nobody is expected that she would be asked to play an onscreen mother role for Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming  Anand L. Rai film! And, Swara has refused the offer to play that role.

Sanjay Dutt

Salman Khan had offered the role to his good friend and elder brother Sanjay Dutt to play his father role in his earlier movie of 2011, Bodyguard but Sanjay has refused the offer by saying that he did not feel old enough to play Salman’s father role!

Aamir Khan

The actor was approached for a role in Sanjay Dutt’s upcoming biopic movie, and Aamir is asked to play Sanjay’s dad Sunil Dutt role in the film. But, Aamir refused the offer as he was not expecting to play a father role int he movie.

Anil Kapoor

The actor Anil Kapoor has been asked to play a father role to Akshay Kumar for an unreleased film titled Agnikund but, Anil turned down the role, and Feroz Khan who was making the film shelved the project for not being to finalize the cast for the movie.


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