This 19 Year Old Student Writes Letter To Professor For Not Submitting Project Due To Breakup!

As we all know assignments and dissertations are mostly so hectic to do, what’s make it worse is missing given deadlines and earning the wrath of the professors. Yes, whatever problems through which we are going on our side, missing the deadline to make submissions of a project or assignment has never made things better. History has been a testimonial, that more often than not, an excuse or even a legit-sounding explanation can’t do any good once the submission date has passed.

girl writing honest excuse to her professor

But this 19-year-old student of Ohio State University decided to try explaining her cause to the professor about why she missed the submission date and in the most painstakingly honest way as possible! So much so, it took no time before Twitter users began sending her undivided love and support and she got famous for her honesty.

Rachel Harriman, in an email to her professor explaining why she couldn’t submit her synopsis on time, wrote how her relation broke her from inside, she wrote that- she had an unexpected break up with her boyfriend. She further elaborated the problem by telling that she was a “complete, unfocused mess” and let the “time-consuming hiccup” to influence her “Sunday productivity”.

Further, following the stereotypes & like the responsible student that she seemed to be, she wrote how this will not happen again, as she is no longer “in a relationship” and will not be having anybody to break up with her, the coming weekend!

She later posted a screenshot of the letter on her Twitter account, instantly garnering love and support from her friends & Twitter users. Sample some of them here.

email to professor

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