13 Things Every Gulf NRI Will Definitely Relate To!

Settling into another nation is one hell of a job, but what’s worst is when you are finally back and the curiosity of people that surrounds you. And if you are an NRI especially from Gulf then here are those 13 things which every NRI can obviously relate to :

1.” Hey man, I heard that you recently came back from Dubai….How many Camels do you own?? I heard it’s more common than cars there”



Ohh so you my friend must be travelling on elephants.

2. If you have a nerdy cousin I bet you would have probably heard this- “Hey man, can you please bring me a new iPhone, I know it’s cheap there”


For Sure, Here I myself am using an android and I’ll get you IPhone….Nice try !!!!

3. “Dude you are settled in Dubai, Look at us still unemployed”

Why, of course. And I have an oil field in my backyard.

Dude I am in Dubai that doesnt mean that I have my personal money growing farm…..C’mon man!!!!!

4. ” Dude you still eat simple Indian food, I thought you would probably be eating spices for breakfast”



5.” Man your Arabic must be fluent by now”

“No, it’s actually Qatar/Kuwait/Dammam/Riyadh/Muscat/Abu Dhabi. Dubai is a different place.”

6. ” Dude you are settled in Dubai, Damn you rich people”

Yes, just like all of India rides elephants to school. Smh.

7. Now that you are back every relative will try convincing you to marry their daughter- “Son, I know a very beautiful girl, you should probably date her.”


Thanks Uncle, Aunty but I live in Dubai……

8. Your friends and their strange accent-” Allah Habibi”


Dude…..Please stop it..

9. “You’re probably friends with the sheikhs aren’t you??”

Yes, just like all of Britain is best friends with the Queen.

Yeah of course Sheikh’s wife is my mother’s best friend.

10. ” Is it cold there ?”


Man! I think you have missed some Geography lessons!!

11.” Ali Baba 40 chor, Aladdin must be ever trending ?”

We're just one giant version of Agrabah, if you couldn't tell.

Yeah man.. for sure


12.”You must have some hot Arab friends back there? Can you…….”

Even if I did have any, I'd keep your ignorance far, far away from them.

Not worth trying

13.” I’ve heard that Dubai is pretty developed now?”

If you were expecting tents in the desert, I can't help you there.

Bro we live in the 21st century. What were you expecting??


Share this with your NRI friends and ask how many can they relate to?  :))

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