10 things about men that girls always notices on a date!

Girls zoom in on the minutest details of everything, and when the talk is about their probable date, you can’t beat her in noticing everything that you can miss being a guy. Women take note of everything and most of the times they are quite accurate about the conclusions they arrive at.

So instead of flashing that fancy smartphone or getting worked up about what will happen after dinner, focus on the following ten things that girls notice about guys instantly if you want to impress your girl and go for a second date.


Eye contact

Try to maintain eye contact with the girl you meet. Women have trust issues with the men who do not make eye contact while talking to them. A shifty or distracted gaze to them means insincerity or disinterest, and you would never want this signal to be sent to your potential partner. So try to look steadily at a woman – or anyone for that matter – when talking to her and at the same time don’t glare, or you may make her feel uncomfortable.


Personal hygiene

Women love men who are hygienic. So if you think that minor things like dirty nails would escape your lady scrutiny, you better don’t do so. On your date make sure that you go neat and well-groomed. Well-groomed means were taking care of your teeth, hair, and nails along with getting rid of bad breath, body odor or grimy facial hair. If a woman notices any lack in this quality, you are unlikely to be able to make it up in any other way.


Your dressing style

Everyone knows that the dress they wear sends a strong signal to other about the kind of person they are. Whether you appear in smart casuals or frayed jeans on your first date, your dress will decide if she wants to see you again.  Adopt a personal style that complements your personality even while taking care of conventions related to place and time.


Your body language

Be careful how to move when you are with a woman since she will immediately pick up your non-verbal cues implied by your body language. All your actions will come to her notice whether your hands are steady and relaxed or nervously fidgeting with something.

Apart from this, she would also gauge your comfort or interest level in her from the way you are sitting with her. So better be relaxed, appear healthy and confident.


Your Footwear

Not only dress but footwear are also important in creating the right impression, be it a job interview or a date. If your date sees your tattered running shoes, she is going to infer that you are either clueless about your appearances or too lazy to care. So for making a good impression match your footwear with your clothes and your partner is sure to be impressed by your sense of style.


Your hearing ability

Every woman wants to be heard and so try to leave some spaces in your conversation for her to fill into. One of the first things she will notice is how well you listen. If you merely talk about yourself, your date will correctly gauge you to be self-centered and egotistic, and I don’t think you want this to happen.



Read up on dating etiquettes if you are confused about who should pay for what on a date. Almost everywhere men are expected to pay on the first date and usually during the early stages of dating too. It is only when you are, and your partner have begun to get comfortable with each other that she may offer to split or pay on a date. Also while paying up, don’t show off with your six credit cards or comment on how grand a dinner you treated her to. Apart from the fact that this is bad manners, you will come off as a jerk.


Your behavior with others

Women who are smart watch keenly how their dates interact with others since they offer important clues on how the guy might be behaving with her in future. You should especially be careful of how you behave with those who are serving you in some way – if you are rude to a waitress or abusive to a cab-driver no matter what their fault is, a woman will probably infer that you are impetuous, short-tempered and lack conflict-resolution skills. A second date would rather be no then.


Your humor quotient

Girls look for men who can not only make them laugh but indeed lighten up themselves. So a smile can go a long way in raising your personal charm besides implying that you are happy and confident about who you are.


Your manners

Good manners make the right impression! Arriving on time to pick up your date, holding the door open for her and following the dictum ‘ladies first’ will not only mark you out as a gentleman in the best sense of the word but more importantly make her feel special.


So next time you go on a date, better follow these rules to make your date successful!


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