10 Places Indians Can Visit Without Worrying About Visa

We all know how nerve stressful it is waiting for approval from the embassy to visit a place like the United States. After spending all that money and pinning all your hopes, a simple no can ruin all your plans. However, there are a whole bunch of places abroad, where you don’t need to bother about your visa. All thanks to a little blessing called Visa On Arrival, which you can sort out quickly.

So check out these places where you will have no problems with your passport.

1. Thailand

Either indulge in shopping side, explore numerous caves and islands or wade in the clearest blue water, it’s all easy because visa on arrival makes it. It is an undeniably fun place to visit.


2. Laos

Another beautiful option to go to as their visa on arrival scheme offers you a cold 30 days to check out the flowing rivers, undulating plains and tire ride down the lakes.


3. Maldives

Just get your proof of stay and bank account details, and you can come and visit this place. White sand beaches here awaits your hassle free entry!


4. Cambodia

Check out the floating villages of Tonle Sap or gaze at the ancient brilliance of Angkor Wat without any problems with your visa or that suspense-filled wait for approval.


5. Sri Lanka

Here you will find different kinds of wildlife, coupled with numerous beaches. A unique culture makes Sri Lanka a no brainer for Indians, especially because they offer visa on arrival.


6. Madagascar

Madagascar is amazing because there are lush rainforests. All manner of crazy and unusual wildlife and those massive Baobab trees wait for tourist to come. With their easy visa on arrival policy, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be visiting.


7. Mauritius

Sweet buzz pina colada awaits you. You can chill in the tropical paradise of Mauritius, white sand between your feet, keeping your mind at optimum relaxation level. Visa on arrival for the win!


8. Seychelles

Here, they offer a ‘visitor’s permit,’ which means you can stay here for a whole three months, as long as you have the proper proof of tickets and accounts. This is not a bad deal if you are considering the lovely, lazy beaches and the thriving ecotourism industry here.


9. Bolivia

No visa troubles for Indians here. You have the freedom to visit the colonial towns, cobbled streets and Bolivia’s figurative piece de resistance, the Salar De Uyuni, or salt flats, without any hassles. It is a gift not to be taken lightly, but to be availed wholeheartedly.


10. Nepal

Indians don’t require a visa to travel to Nepal, which is a godsend because Nepal has some of the greatest mountains, monasteries, forests and also they have Khukri (Local alcohol sold in a dagger shaped bottle). No more reasons needed a buddy!


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