10 Great Movies That You Must Watch With Your Girlfriend

A man would hate watching a romantic movie. Women, on the other hand, love romantic movies with happy endings. Watching movies together can be tricky when you have such different tastes. Still, there are some pretty good options to try if you want to look at a movie together.

Here is the list of 10 great movies that you can watch with your girlfriend:

10. The Notebook:

The film revolves around two main characters Allie and Noah. Noah has nothing to lose, but he is still filled with passion. Allie’s family disapprove their relationship since Noah’s family is poor. Allie’s parents take her away and get her married to a soldier. While Allie was away, Noah wrote her several letters which never got delivered. Then Allie one day notice Noah in a newspaper and later in the story Allie had to choose between Noah and her husband. It is a heart melting story portraying love and passion, and is a must watch for couples.


9. P.S. I Love You:

Gerard Butler dies of brain tumor soon after getting married to Hillary Swank. After Gerry’s death, Hillary couldn’t be at peace, and she becomes lifeless. Before dying, Gerard wrote ten letters to her. These letters were to help ease the pain and help her rediscover herself. P.S. I Love You is a film which your girlfriend will sure enjoy and when she cry do give her your shoulder.


8. A Lot Like Love:

Emily meets Oliver on a flight from LA to New York. After seeing each other for a while, they agree on the fact that they would make a terrible couple. Oliver tells his plans about career, family, and job for the upcoming years to Emily. He has it all planned and hands Emily his mother’s phone number. He asks her to check on him after six years. During those years they keep on meeting and become best friends, which later turn into love.


7. Pretty Woman:

Edward comes to the city for some business and hires Vivian, a prostitute to play the role of his escort. He pays her for an entire week just to give him company. As time passes by, romance starts connecting them. Watch with your girlfriend this brilliant romantic comedy directed by Garry Marshall and outstanding acting by Julia Roberts.


6. Love Actually:

Love Actually revolves around eight different couples. All these eight couples are loosely related. The film exhibits ups and downs that occur in their lives. As the time passes by, some relationships get better others however still lack romance. Each love story in this movie is unique, and you and your girlfriend will get to see unexpected things. The unpredictability in the film is enough to keep the viewer engaged till the last moment.


5. (500) Days of Summer:

Tom Hansen is an architect but works as a writer in a greeting card company. Tom gets attracted to his boss’s new secretary, Summer Finn. At a Karaoke function, one of Tom’s friends reveals Finn that Tom has a crush on her. They start getting closer, but Finn somewhere believes that things like true love don’t exist. After dating for a while, they both split over some issues. The movie moves on with Summer realizing that true love exists and Tom finding his love.


4. Before Sunrise:

Two people Jesse and Celine meet in Vienna and end up spending the whole day together. Jesse tells Celine that he has to fly back to the US the next morning. Both of them start cherishing each other so quickly, what is it that brings them so close? Watch, and you will know.


3. Titanic:

Rose and Jack meet on the famous ocean liner. They both come from a very discrete social background, but still, they get attracted towards each other. They get along pretty well, and nothing was standing between them except for the ill-fated RMS Titanic itself. Directed by James Cameron, Titanic is a masterpiece to watch with your girlfriend.


2. Annie Hall:

Alvy Singer is a comedian who falls in love with singer and photographer Annie Hall. Things start to turn when Annie decides to move in with the neurotic comedian. Alvy dislikes Annie smoking weed before sex every time. Annie starts studying again and falls for a professor in the university, and they break up. Nevertheless, it is the film’s classic appeal which brings it to such a height on this list.


1. Life is Beautiful:

Guido, a Jew, runs a bookstore. He marries a beautiful woman who gives birth to his son. Things change when German troops start occupying Italy, and they capture Guido and his five-year-old son. This beautiful movie is known as one of the best movies of modern times. Life is Beautiful is not a romantic movie but is worth a watch with your girlfriend.


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