10 astonishing food facts you must be aware of

Most of the people are foodie enough who love to try different kinds of cuisines and beverages whenever they visit news places. Here are some of the interesting facts regarding this.



According to one of the leading fitness magazine, Lemons (nimbus) are enriched in Vitamin C. They are considered one of the healthiest food in the world if you consume at least one daily.



Summers have already arrived, and many people are fond of Milkshakes. Calorie Counter found that a glass of Milkshake contains 1680 calories which are the highest one than any other individual fast food item.

Decaffeinated Coffee

decaf coffee

This kind of coffee is not caffeine-free. However, 16 mg of caffeine is contained in it.

Fresh Bread


According to a survey by Nielsen, fresh bread is the most popular purchased food.



Though there is a suffix of nuts in its end. But they are actually legumes and grow underground.

Fruit Juice

fruit juice

According to reports, 230 milliliters of apple juice contains about 115 calories which are more than the same amount of soft drinks like Coca Cola. Fruit juice can be unhealthy for the body if they are consumed in excess.



As turkey and fish are known for protein-rich foods, cheese also contains a good amount of protein. If you are consuming 4.7 calories, then you will obtain 1 gram of protein.

Ice Cream

SBI po exam

Ice Cream is loved by every generation people. It is found that Americans are great fond and consumers of ice-cream in the world. About 13 liters of ice cream is consumed every year by each person on an average.

Canned White Tuna

canned white tuna

It was found in the study that canned white Tuna has about three times higher mercury than non-white tuna.

Cooked Vegetables

cooked tomato

After the vegetables are cooked, they become more tastier as well as nutritious. After the kitchen, anti-oxidant lycopene increases in the tomatoes in comparison to the raw vegetables.

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